Sunday, 27 April 2008

Our Weekend, by Dick & Dora

This weekend Dick & Dora:

1. Paired up all the odd socks in the airing cupboard. This job is usually reserved for Nana when she visits (she loves it, really!) but she is going away for 3 MONTHS, and stocks were getting low ...;
2. Dug in the garden;
3. Slept in till 7.40 am. This is a big deal at D&D HQ - there's a baby in their midst. There was a slight interruption at 5 am for a quick rendition of 3 little ducks ("wak wak wak"), but that's ok;
4. Played around with some old work to make new "On Parade" medals (see Dick's fancy packaging in the previous post). It was Anzac Day after all;
5. Cooked Pad Thai and Moule Frit (2 separate meals, mind);
6. Packed up stock - new work on its way to Kids in Berlin in North Melbourne;
7. Went to the park ... saw a friend ... moved Dick's day job office ... looked at some art;
8. Gave the job jar a damn good shake and powered through a whole heap of things you just would not be interested in.
Just collapsing now.
When we're King (and Queen) of the world, we're making 3 day weekends compulsory.


Violet & Rose said...

And I will be the princess in your three day weekend kingdom. I love them.
Please send Nanna down to Melbourne when she comes home. I've got plenty of jobs for her.
The medal looks great.

BigCat said...

Busy, busy, busy. That medal looks fantastic. I might have to pop over to Kids In Berlin for a little bit of retail therapy. I have never been there before and keep seeing mentions of it in blogland.

Dudley Redhead said...

I have now taken to keeping my 2 new pairs of 'all day' socks in the 'mamas washing pile'. They are THAT good.. will you be king & queen soon, do you think? or can you invite Kevin to tea and run it by him?