Monday, 28 January 2008

Hats, Bags & Shoes

Dick says that Dora has an obsession with hats, bags and shoes ... and at the moment bags are definitely the thing. Ok, so, the plan was that while Dick went to collect their pals from the airport, Dora would go for a run (run Dora run). But as is often the case, Dora got a bit sidetracked, and decided she needed a new bag. Rather pleased with the finished product, she decided it was high time to finish some others so that they could go out into the big wide world.


Dudley Redhead said...

welcome to cyberspace Dick + Dora. You might need to pack lashings of ginger ale. But don't talk to too many strangers.But strange crafters are ok! Love the bags and the pic on the grass.

Sweat Shop Nanny said...

So while Dick and Dora have been in the Woods feasting on Pavlova, Sweat Shop Nanny has been thinking about her Summer Collection. I'm pleased Dora loves Hats....but does Dick wear overalls?