Saturday, 1 March 2008

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Okay, so Official Clean Up Week is officially over - Dora hopes that the Clean Up Police are not going to do a spot check. Enough said? It's been a very busy week, with Dick "over the water on the big island" for work, and Dora running around like a mad thing trying to finalise 100 unfinished projects. Some are nearly blogable, it is so temping to spill the beans, but patience, Dora, patience. Speaking of running, Dick produced an Ipod Shuffle for Dora upon his return, a very welcome replacement for the original brick like version that recently died. So, what better way to use up valuable time than to create a new playlist? The remixes of "Mickey" and "All the Boys in Town" get the little heart pumping! (Showing your age Dora....). Oh, and some Spanish group called ABBA DJ - how did we ever exist without ITunes?
Anyway, although books are a subjective thing, Dora is enjoying Geraldine Brooks latest novel so much that she felt the need to share it with you; and if you haven't discovered her yet, you are in for a treat with her others as well. Worth packing up the Singer and crawling into bed a little earlier for.

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Georgie Love said...

Thanks for the book tip! We should do an exchange sometime! :-)