Thursday, 3 April 2008

All About Birds

Dick & Dora are very happy to introduce their new birdie brooches, made from gorgeous powder coated stainless steel and available in white, deep red and gunmetal grey (the gunmetal grey was nesting somewhere in the studio at the time the shots were taken). The image is a bit blurry as you can see, but that's what happens when Dora's impatience gets the better of Dick and he "agrees" to take photos as he's hastily getting ready for the day job. Clearer images will be posted soon, but you get the idea. We love them and hope you do too.


Michelle said...

Oh, I love them! Just beautiful!

You'll let us know where you'll be selling them?

Georgie Love said...

Oooh a big YES please? Can we have some?


Dudley Redhead said...

we do get the idea, that we WILL love them indeed. Poor Dick.
Very clever tag too.Nice one.