Sunday, 20 April 2008


Since the arrival of the Bambino, Saturday nights out have been firmly replaced by Saturday nights in.

No complaints though as its given us time on the web to find fabulous work like this! We had never heard of Magic Jelly until Dick fell across it last night and thanks to the wonders of Etsy the money we would have once spent on dinner out has been invested alot more wisely.


Betty Jo said...

Thank you for helping me to rationalize my latest Etsy purchases.
And that Magic Jelly is quite wonderful...but not for poor c.c.;-( (credit card)

Treet said...

Love Magic Jelly...found you through her blog!

Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

hello Dora, thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to yours and your beautiful Etsy shop, I have book marked you as a firm favourite. I am so jealous you lived at the Barbican, its so cool right now it hurts!!!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Thanks for all those fabulous Etsy links. I think I will be spending my Saturday nights at home doing online shopping as well.