Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Dora's Latest Obsession

Inspired by recent posts about cupcakes here, Dora ran out to buy the no fail WW recipe book in anticipation of a visit from Aunty B, Uncle E and Cousin A and a celebratory family feast. Dora also thought that her friend M might like some for his birthday yesterday and so she got baking. Dora thought that she had either lost her knack, or the WW had dropped the ball, because the first batch was burnt to a crisp, and the second batch was only just rescued in time. Reading the book in more detail after the event, Dora learnt that a lot of the recipes call for "Texas" style muffin tins, and having spent some time working in Houston in a previous life, Dora knows that everything really is bigger in Texas. Hence the cooking times need to be altered for just your stock standard muffin tin.

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W said...

The cupcakes are done when a skewer comes out clean.