Monday, 5 January 2009

The Ardent Sparrow

Dick & Dora have a thing for birds, and trees and such like. So, with Dick back at work, the bambino asleep and a very untidy house, Dora decided to type "birds" into Esty to see what she could find. Amongst a lot of other things, she discovered The Ardent Sparrow.

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Kate Moore said...

Nice find. Must take a squiz myself.
Yes, the parenting thing is a thorny issue isn't it? I look forward to your thoughts. Please don't hold back, I'm pretty open to all sorts of ideas - trust me, a friend asked just this week how the kids respond to me at their age and after all these years and to be honest, one of them still introduces me to new people in the house as the cleaner. The same child introduced me to friends as her nanny (she wishes) ... so I'm good at hard knocks.