Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy Birthday Dick

It's Dick's birthday, and being fond of cufflinks for the day job, Dora was very pleased to find these beauties on Etsy, made from antique typewriter keys by Joy's Jewels. In preparation for the birthday breakfast, and remembering a previous tradition of warm Pain au Chocolat and coffee, Dora drove all over Hobart yesterday to no avail. Surely there must be Pain au Chocolat available in this city somewhere? Unfortunately the drive coincided with the bambino's first major in-car tanty ... and Dora turned into one of those mother's she has only previously pulled up beside at the traffic lights, ranting and raving at the child in the back. There's only so much non-specific tantrum throwing one can take in a confined space whilst still trying to obey the road rules. Dora thinks it was something to do with shoes - wanting them off, but then wanting them on ... but she can't be sure. Anyway, it was all for the best, because no P au C meant breakfast at The Pigeon Hole this morning which was perfect.

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Kate Moore said...

The car tanty is hideous isn't it. I am sorry you have a bad memory of Girl Guides. Honest, it's the leader who makes or breaks a unit and I know I have a very happy bunch of kids and very delighted parents so I do feel a heavy weight of responsibility about leaving, but I think the district is healthy and that things will potter along until I can either get back to it, or until someone new steps forward.