Friday, 18 May 2012

Owl Know How

Dora & Dora Jnr  went to Fuller's Bookshop last night for a  presentation by  Cat Rabbit & Isabelle Knowles, the 2 talented ladies behind the gorgeous new kids picture book Owl Know How. 
Lots of short animations & up close oogling at the actual characters in person from the book. 
Dora loved  Cornelia Rabbit ( could be the red dress & sewing machine! ) & Dora Jnr was quite taken by the owls. Delightful. Check them out here too. 

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Michelle Walker said...

You are so lucky to have gone to that! Hasn't she done such a good job.
I went to one of her workshops a few years ago at the Devonport Gallery...she is such a sweetie