Thursday, 17 April 2008

Fabulous Luggage

So, what self-respecting 16 month old preparing for his first visit to London doesn't have a fabulous wheelie case in which to place his most important carry on items? Dick to Dora "It cost what? I thought you were going to K-Mart. That's more than we'd pay for us". Dora to Dick "is not, anyway, how long is it since you bought a wheelie case, the prices have gone up you know and anyway, which of your wheelie cases are adorned with a fabulous jungle scene, and anyway, he's sick at the moment and he loves anything with wheels and anyway, I'll just make a few more brooches". Ok, so it wasn't in the budget bin, but boy its gorgeous. Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

What a cute little suitcase, just the thing for a little traverler! I remember my daughter had a pink rucksack when she was about the same age for her first flight to Oz! Hope you all have a fabulous trip over here.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I want one. I would take it to work every day with my packed lunch and other assorted trinkets.

You are never too young to be stylish in your accesorising.