Monday, 28 April 2008

General Randomness

Some time ago (ahem, quite some time ago) the lovely Sally at GeorgieLove tagged Dick & Dora for the seven random/weird things about yourself meme challenge. Dick & Dora are also supposed to tag 7 other people to do the same, but a bit of digging around in blogland seems to show that just about everyone else has already done it. So: -

1. Dick was born in England and grew up in Australia. This means he has a red passport which is one of the main reasons Dora married him;

2. Dora grew up in a mining town which has since been dismantled and transported out of the wilderness on the back of trucks. As a child she dreamed of building her own gypsy caravan and exploring the world. A friend recently saw a Winnebago on the Bruny Island Ferry which was painted to resemble a gypsy caravan .... Dora thinks this is cheating;

3. Dick's all time favourite item of clothing is an ankle length, double breasted, powder blue Vivienne Westwood coat (with floral lining) which got a lot of wear in London, but doesn't see the light of day in Hobart;

4. Although she's on the downhill run to 40, Dora doesn't think its too late to launch her career in musical theatre, and plans to start with the role of Miss Hannigan in "Annie";

5. Dick's hair is (was) so curly that when Dora first met him she thought it was a perm ..... these days its kept short, so there won't be the same misunderstanding when he meets his next wife:

6. Dora loves to drive. She is saving up for a Karman Ghia (glue Dora glue). From time to time Uncle E sends her images of the finest specimen's from Ebay, just to keep her focused;

7. Dick is definitely the tidiest of the two. Dora is far too busy to clean!


Betty Jo said...

Oh for a tidy partner (and family for that matter!)Thanks for the"lucky duck" suggestion...I had a ducky on the drawing board just last week, and now he has a name.(look on blog) Betty Jo designs seems to generate a lot of E.S.P.Spooky!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dora - I personally think that the worls needs A LOT more musical theatre, so I really want to wish you
lots of luck with that!