Sunday, 27 April 2008

Our Weekend, by Dick & Dora

This weekend Dick & Dora:

1. Paired up all the odd socks in the airing cupboard. This job is usually reserved for Nana when she visits (she loves it, really!) but she is going away for 3 MONTHS, and stocks were getting low ...;
2. Dug in the garden;
3. Slept in till 7.40 am. This is a big deal at D&D HQ - there's a baby in their midst. There was a slight interruption at 5 am for a quick rendition of 3 little ducks ("wak wak wak"), but that's ok;
4. Played around with some old work to make new "On Parade" medals (see Dick's fancy packaging in the previous post). It was Anzac Day after all;
5. Cooked Pad Thai and Moule Frit (2 separate meals, mind);
6. Packed up stock - new work on its way to Kids in Berlin in North Melbourne;
7. Went to the park ... saw a friend ... moved Dick's day job office ... looked at some art;
8. Gave the job jar a damn good shake and powered through a whole heap of things you just would not be interested in.
Just collapsing now.
When we're King (and Queen) of the world, we're making 3 day weekends compulsory.


Jo said...

And I will be the princess in your three day weekend kingdom. I love them.
Please send Nanna down to Melbourne when she comes home. I've got plenty of jobs for her.
The medal looks great.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Busy, busy, busy. That medal looks fantastic. I might have to pop over to Kids In Berlin for a little bit of retail therapy. I have never been there before and keep seeing mentions of it in blogland.

Dudley Redhead said...

I have now taken to keeping my 2 new pairs of 'all day' socks in the 'mamas washing pile'. They are THAT good.. will you be king & queen soon, do you think? or can you invite Kevin to tea and run it by him?